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From Tragedy To Triumph

The fire! one tragedy happy...

One day while watching TV in the sofa at home, I heard the neighbours screaming.
I felt like if the building was burning but I was frightened to get out. finally I left and ran down stairs to see what was happening. I opened the door, I was surrounded of smoke and fire.
I decided to close the door and look for help.while going down the stairs,
I met my neighbour with her daughter. Inmendiately, I ran into her house to help her.
Increasingly to breathe more smoke, I put the t-shirt in my face and went into the beedroom.
At this moment, I took the baby and my neighbour's hand and ran away.
But the fire did not let us scape as every second that passed the fire was even bigger, so I decide to scape through the balcony.
We were on the first floor so there wasn't too much height. I started to scream the people wandering around the street in order for them us to catch the baby. Eventually, we all managed to scape from the fire.

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